Labour Movement Programme

Labour Movement Programme

Drawing from its rich heritage in the German and global labour movements, FES Kenya collaborates closely with its Kenyan partners to advance an independent, democratic and membership-driven labour movement. This collaboration extends to both national and international levels, with the primary goal of advocating for workers' rights. FES Kenya sees trade unions as crucial actors with a democratic mandate to represent working people across Kenya, which gives trade unions the ability to effectively shape a broader agenda of social justice and decent work. FES Kenya works in close partnership with the Central Organization of Trade Unions-Kenya (COTU-K) and their affiliates. Together, they strive to enhance decent working conditions and labour standards for both formal and informal workers.

FES Kenya supports various trade unions in strengthening their influence, representation, and independence through initiatives like the annual young trade unionists training program Global Outlook Trade Union School (GOTUS) and a policy engagement platform i.e. the Decent Work and Social Protection Working Group (DWSPWG). This is the prerequisite for a successful mobilization of their power resources, both locally and across state borders. Through trade unions, employees can shape Kenya’s ongoing transformation processes economically, socially and politically – ultimately aiming for decent work and social justice.

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