Overarching Considerations – Gender Justice

Gender Justice

Despite having a young population, Kenya continues to grapple with significant gender disparities, particularly in providing equal opportunities for both men and women, with women being subjected to systemic and bureaucratic disadvantages. Women who are actively participating in the labour force experience violence and harassment in public spaces, at the workplace, as well as gender based and domestic violence contributing to their continued marginalization. The alarming rise in violence against women further underscores the urgent need for action to address these issues. As the marginalization of women permeates various aspects of Kenyan life, it spans across different areas of interest for organizations like FES Kenya. FES Kenya approaches the work on Gender Justice through advocating for equal access to public goods and democratizing societies for substantive representation in politics and trade unions. The work on Gender Justice at FES is cross cutting to all its departments with aspects of it included in the training modules of the young leadership training programmes, that is, PLGP and GOTUS.

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