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Rapid urbanisation is transforming Kenya. Cities are central to the process of economic and social growth and innovation. Kenya has for the last decade made several attempts to improve the living conditions in its cities. Yet the distribution of political, economic, spatial, and financial resources remains unequal. FES Kenya engages the concept of a social and inclusive just city to facilitate innovative discussions among political decision makers, civil society representatives and others on issues such as affordable housing, fair and clean public transport and meaningful civic engagement in urban spaces.

With its just city project, FES Kenya and its partners facilitate dialogues through working groups which bring together civil society, trade unions, Members of County Assemblies, Government representatives, and academia working in urban centres of Kenya with the objective to jointly work for a just city. The objective is to promote urban social justice, equal distribution of opportunities for social mobility, enhanced access to social space and family friendliness in Kenyan cities. 

What is a Just City?

This video that is produced by the FES Kenya office, looks at the concept of what a Just City is and what it means to the citizens of Kenya.

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